LLDB testsuite failing to import lldb python module


I am trying to run lldb testsuite on arm hardware with lldb and
lldbserver binaries cross compiled on x86_64 builder.

I have lldb-server running on my arm hardware. Also i have lldb source
tree checkout and liblldb and lldb binaries places in lib and bin
folders respectively.

I am ablle to connect to my server by manualy running lldb and issuing
a platform connect command. However I am getting a python lldb module
import error like the one given below:

importerror: no module named lldb

I think i have some path issue or i am missing something while copying
lldb stuff from my builder.

Can someone track what I am doing wrong here?

Any help would be much appreciated.

here's how i am runing testsuite:

DOTEST_OPTS="--executable /home/omair/lldb/host/build/host/bin/lldb -A
arm -C gcc -s /home/omair/lldb/host/test/raspberryPi3-xenial
--skip-category lldb-mi -u CXXFLAGS -u CFLAGS --platform-name
remote-linux --platform-url connect://localhost:5432
--platform-working-dir /home/omair/lldb/armhf/tmp --env OS=Linux"
./dotest.py `echo $DOTEST_OPTS`



from your description, it sounds to me like you are copying the the
liblldb library into another location that the one it was built. Is
that right?

My guess would be that you are not copying all the necessary files.
Specifically, it sounds like you have missed the lib/pythonX.Y folder,
which is where the python module "lldb" is located.