lldb waits forever after connecting to a target (lldb-server)

Both lldb and lldb-server are running on x86_64.

$ lldb-server g --platform host all :7333 – x86.elf


Launched ‘x86.elf’ as process 22849…

lldb-server-local_buildListening to port 7333 for a connection from localhost…

$ lldb x86.elf

(lldb) target create “x86.elf”

Current executable set to ‘x86.elf’ (x86_64).

(lldb) gdb-remote 7333

(lldb) Process 22849 stopped

  • thread #1: tid = 22849, 0x00007f2860d526b0, name = ‘x86.elf’, stop reason = signal SIGSTOP

frame #0: 0x00007f2860d526b0

→ 0x7f2860d526b0: movq %rsp, %rdi

0x7f2860d526b3: callq 0x7f2860d56010

0x7f2860d526b8: movq %rax, %r12

0x7f2860d526bb: movl 0x2215ff(%rip), %eax

lldb does not return to prompt “(lldb)”, however it accepts commands without the prompt and processes successfully.

See the below output for example.

(lldb) Process 2403 stopped

  • thread #1: tid = 2403, 0x00007fb2859cd6b0, name = ‘x86.elf’, stop reason = signal SIGSTOP

frame #0: 0x00007fb2859cd6b0

→ 0x7fb2859cd6b0: movq %rsp, %rdi

0x7fb2859cd6b3: callq 0x7fb2859d1010

0x7fb2859cd6b8: movq %rax, %r12

0x7fb2859cd6bb: movl 0x2215ff(%rip), %eax

b main

Breakpoint 1: where = x86.elf`main + 8 at test.c:26, address = 0x000000000040058d



Hi Bhushan,

Just found this in my inbox. Is this still a problem for you?