lldb warning or developer options

Hi Folks,

Is their a developer switch or diagnostic switch, that we can set in lldb, to show warnings and other useful stuff when lldb process the binary, building table and utilizing DWARF.

I stumble upon, a rather trivial test case. where I deleted the *.dwo file. and loaded primary binary in lldb. lldb loaded it silently without any error or diagnostic reports for not found *.dwo file. Obviously, debug data wasn’t loaded, as I entered list command, nothing happened.

Why need this, as new dwarf-5 features are in development, if lldb can report some diagnostics like section not found or ill-formed section, this would be immensely useful .

– Sourabh Singh Tomar

Hi Sourabh,

there the Module::ReportWarning function, which will print a warning (to stderr generally). We should probably make use of that functionality to report missing dwo files. Care to put up a patch?


Hi Pavel,

Thanks for sharing this, I’ll look into this.

– Sourabh Singh Tomar