LLDB Website is not being updated

Hello Tanya,

it looks like the cron job that is supposed to be updating the LLDB website isn't running or is otherwise blocked at the moment. You can see on https://lldb.llvm.org that it says "Welcome to the LLDB version 8 documentation!". We also recently removed the "Why a New Debugger?" headline and that change isn't showing up either.

Would you mind taking a look?

thanks for your help,

I see a bunch of eros here:

Is this possibly related to the Github/monorepo transition?

-- Jonas

I’ll have to check the status of moving the scripts over and what is going on. But yes, this is all related to moving to GitHub and modifying scripts that used to be either on a post-commit hook or nightly cron.


Hello Tanya,

I just looked at the LLDB website and it still displays the out-of-date "version 8" page. Did you get a chance to investigate this in the mean time?


Hey Adrian,

The version is hard-coded in lldb/docs/conf.py, we just need to update it there. As far as I know the website is being updated nightly.


Ah, that’s great! We should probably just don’t print a version on this variant and/or add a box like the one at the top of http://llvm.org/docs/.


I removed the version number from the home page.

To github.com:llvm/llvm-project.git
adc69729ec8…c77fc00eec0 master → master

I’m not sure we should have the banner because (1) the documentation doesn’t change as much as llvm/clang and (2) we don’t archive the old documentation so there’s nothing to link to.