LLDB Windows MSVC buildbot out of memory errors

Hi all,

Cross posting to all groups because I’m getting a lot of email about this recently.

Changes that have gone into clang over the past few months have increased the strain on the linker, and it’s to the point that MSVC cannot link libclang.dll without going over the memory limits of a a 32-bit process. I submitted a patch to zorg to enable a 64-bit toolchain for x86 targets, but somehow this buildbot got stuck with a 32-bit OS. There’s no fix short of wiping the buildbot and starting over with a 64-bit OS.

I’m hoping to have this done in the next week, but just a heads up so people know what’s going on.

If you’re reading this and you have a buildbot that uses MSVC, check to make sure that this doesn’t affect you as well (i.e. you might need to do the same thing)