lli crashes when loading .bc files with debug informations


I’m trying to use DWARF informations to debug JITed code, but lli crashes when it tries to run any code coming from llvm-gcc or CLANG with the -g and -emit-llvm -c arguments. The target machine is an AMD 64 X2 processor on linux ubuntu 9.04 in x86_64 mode. Lli is generated from the current version of the svn repository. The backtrace and full bt from gdb are enclosed with this message. Is there a solution to this issue or is it due to the fact that lli can’t support dwarf informations yet?

Many thanks
Jerôme GORIN

bt (1.5 KB)

bt full (15.2 KB)

I believe this is http://llvm.org/PR5278. It looks like the lazy
bitcode reader hasn't been updated to support metadata yet, but nobody
who knows anything has commented on it yet.