lli/JIT missing libgcc symbols on Mingw32/x86


I have a bytecode doing 64 bits division and on Mingw32/x86, lli
complains it cannot resolve __udivdi3 when running it.

Those symbols are all part of libgcc and all present in lli, but they
cannot be found by SearchForAddressOfSymbol (not in any DLL). To
workaround that, I explicitely define them in Win32/DynamicLibrary.inc
if the current target is Mingw32 (patch attached).

Anybody had this problem before ? Is this a proper fix ?


lli-jit-gccsymbols.diff (1.6 KB)

This patch looks fine to me, but I'm not a Mingw person. Anton, does this look good to you? If so, please apply.