LLJIT linking with dylib

Hello, I am working on a JIT compiler using LLVM 15.0.7.
This JIT compiler will be compiling C++ code that has OpenMP directives in it.
I am having an issue with the linker in my project. The JIT compiler is generating the code for the OpenMP directives, but when I go to actually run it, I get the following error for missing symbols from the OpenMP runtime:

JIT session error: Symbols not found: [ __kmpc_for_static_fini, __kmpc_for_static_init_8u, __kmpc_fork_call, __kmpc_global_thread_num, __kmpc_push_num_threads ]

I’m willing to link libomp.so directly to get access to these symbols (even a hardcoded path is fine for now - I just need something working), but from my exploring in the documentation for this version of LLVM all I see is the ability to add IR Modules or object files none of which I have. I only have libomp.so.

Is there any easy way to do this?

Thanks in advance,

You can look at LLVM: llvm::orc::DynamicLibrarySearchGenerator Class Reference , IIRC it’s Load.