Hi All,
can anyone tell me where I can find the sources for the llva-emu project?
I’ve tried to contact Michael Brukman or Brian Gaeke but no reply.
thank you for any help,

The llva-emu code is extremely old and, as I recall, not very feature-filled. It was also done for a class project (I don’t think it was used for the original LLVA publication, and it wasn’t used for any of the subsequent LLVA/SVA publications on which I worked). For what purpose did you need the code? – John T.

Hi John,
Thank you for response.
I would like to develop it further.
I want to have something like singularity developed by ms.
I will removed most of the drivers in the beginning and run it on a very simple embedded system.
That is one part.
The other part is that I would like to get measurements of how memory gets allocated/accessed and other statistical values about the runtime.
best regards,