LLVM 1.3 Release!

LLVM Compiler Infrastructure -- Release 1.3

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of the LLVM
Compiler Infrastructure.


This release takes less time to produce faster compiled code and is
portable to new targets (including Cygwin). It also includes several new
features, such as man pages for all LLVM tools, accurate garbage
collection, some new loop transformations, and includes beta support for
powerpc code generation.

LLVM 1.3 also includes the following major improvements:

Core improvements:
  * A new "select" instruction provides efficient conditional move support.
  * Accurate garbage collection is fully supported by all code generators.
  * LLVM now supports structures with more than 256 elements in them.
  * The bytecode file format is now documented.
  * Man pages are available for all LLVM tools.
  * LLVM now supports unordered floating point comparisons.

Optimization improvements:
  * The induction variable analysis routines are much more aggressive.
  * The -indvars pass implements linear function test replacement and
    exit value substitution.
  * LLVM includes a context-senstitive alias analysis for global vars.
  * LLVM includes an implementation of Andersen's alias analysis.
  * LLVM includes new loop unrolling and loop unswitching passes.
  * LLVM includes a simple dead store elimination pass.

Code generator improvements:
  * The native code generators now default to a global register allocator.
  * LLVM includes a new "skeleton" code generator.
  * LLC and LLI can load code generators from .so files with the -load
  * More code generator components are autogenerated from the abstract
    target description.
  * The X86 backend now generates substantially better code in many cases.

Other improvements:
  * Bugpoint can now debug arbitrary modes of the LLC and LLI tools.
  * Bugpoint can now narrow down code generation miscompilations to the
    basic block being miscompiled (in many cases).
  * Bugpoint can now debug infinite-loop inducing miscompilations.

Finally, LLVM 1.3 includes the usual collection of bug fixes and other
minor improvements.

A full list of new features and bug-fixes are listed in the release notes:

For an easier to read (and more detailed) list of changes, please see the
status updates:


  From the usual place: http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/releases