llvm 1.8 release notes draft

Hi All,

Here's the first draft of the LLVM 1.8 release notes. Please take a look and send me any comments or feedback you have:



What’s new, 1st paragraph: “nightly tester, llvm-config enhancEments”;
've found nothing wrong except of it :slight_smile:

What's new, 1st paragraph: "nightly tester <http://llvm.org/nightlytest/&gt;,
llvm-config enhancEments";
've found nothing wrong except of it :slight_smile:

Thanks! I've updated it to include your fix and fixes from Gabor Greif. If anyone else notices something or has suggestions for improvements, please let me know (soon) :).


Trivial changes:

* Most of LLVM is now built with "-pedantic", ensuring better portability to more C++ Compilers.

Probably should be "compilers"?

* The PowerPC backend now includes initial 64-bit support. The JIT is not complete, and the static compiler has a couple of known bugs, but support is mostly in place. LLVM 1.9 will include completed PPC-64 support.

I would suggest "compete PPC-64 support" instead.

* The -cee pass is known to be buggy, and may be removed in in a future release.

Remove one of the "in"s.

* The following Unix system functionality has not been tested and may not work:

"functionalities have"

* Zero arg vararg functions are not supported. This should not affect LLVM produced by the C or C++ frontends.

This sentence confuses me. Should it be "LLVM bytecode" or some other wording?


"functionality" seems more of a substance noun than a thing noun.
More like "water" than ike "cup"/ So I think the singular is appropriate

-- hendrik

On rereading it, I guess it can go either way.


Thanks all, I've incorporated all the feedback so far:



one more misspelling:

in readme.llvm from llvm-gcc4 front-end source directory there is the following line (51):

$ …/llvm-gcc4-x.y.source/configure --prefix=pwd/…/install/ --enable-llvm=$LLVMOBJDIR --enable-languages=c,c++$EXTRALANGS $TARGETOPTIONS

the value of the --prefix key ends with slash and it’s not right. at least the front-end fails to build under cygwin because one more slash is appended automatically by building script.

glad if it’ll be helpful to somebody.


I've updated README.LLVM on mainline SVN. Thanks!