LLVM 15.0.0-final release update (and help needed)


LLVM 15.0.0-final is planned for next week 6th of September. We don’t have that many open issues on 15.0.0 right now, but there are some that seems like they could be a problem at first glance. Most of these are build problems on non-X86 platforms (ARM, MIPSEL and RISCV). The open issues can be seen here: LLVM 15.0.0 Release Milestone (github.com)

At this point it would be really helpful if people would have a look and help investigate and maybe fix these issues, even just reproducing the result would be good to see if it should be considered a release blocker.


Please add


to the list – they’re both confirmed on 15.0-rc3.
53999 is actually mislabled (affects all architectures, not just MIPS) and affects a lot of code in the wild (almost anything written in go – just not many people running into it because most people use binutils-strip rather than llvm-strip).

None of these seems to be regressions in LLVM 15. So I don’t think we should block 15.0.0 on them. I think they should be fixed, but unless someone can produce a fix and test cases before the weekend, I won’t block the release on these two issues, at this part in the release process we are just looking for regressions that have far-reaching impact.