llvm 2.1prerelease compile fails (solaris)

Platform: SunOS 5.10 sun4u sparc
compiler: gcc version 4.2.1
Debug: No, Release
src=obj: No

configured with:
../llvm-2.1/configure --enable-optimized --enable-targets=ia64,sparc,x86 --prefix=/share/tmp/jyke/llvm-21

fails with following errors (gmake log attached)

MAKE.LOG.txt (1.59 MB)


Do you think you could help us fix this build error?

Ideally we want llvm to compile on Sparc, but none of our nightly testers are Sun machines and most developers are working on x86, so we don't have much support to keep LLVM svn building on Sun.

We'd appreciate any help you can give us. If its an easy fix, we can get it into the 2.1 release. Also, if you are interested in running a nightly tester? Its pretty easy to set up (http://llvm.org/docs/TestingGuide.html#nightly) and would be a great contribution to the project.