llvm-2.7: --with-udis86 failure

Debug build on x86_64 with`--with-udis86=<path>' option to 'configure' seems broken.

Configure command line:
./configure --disable-optimized --enable-assertions --enable-debug-runtime --enable-debug-symbols --enable-jit --enable-pic --enable-targets=x86_64 --with-udis86=/somepath/udis86/udis86-1.7

At least 2 issues:

(1) '-L/somepath/udis86/udis86-1.7' is added to the gcc command line rather than the correct '-L/somepath/udis86/udis86-1.7/lib'

(2) '-I/somepath/udis86/udis86-1.7/include' does not seem to be added to the gcc command line but needs to be. Resulting error is:

llvm[1]: Compiling Disassembler.cpp for Debug build
Disassembler.cpp:24:20: warning: udis86.h: No such file or directory
Disassembler.cpp: In function 'std::string llvm::sys::disassembleBuffer(uint8_t*, size_t, uint64_t)':
Disassembler.cpp:56: error: 'ud_t' was not declared in this scope

Yeah, --with-udis only works if udis is installed into a prefix whose
include directory gcc already searches. Then you pass the path to its
library to configure. It hasn't seemed worth fixing with llvm-mc on
the way, but if you want to send a patch, I'd apply it.