LLVM 3.0 Release about X86

Known problems with the X86 back-end

  • The X86 backend does not yet support all inline assembly that uses the X86 floating point stack. It supports the ‘f’ and ‘t’ constraints, but not ‘u’.
  • The X86-64 backend does not yet support the LLVM IR instruction va_arg. Currently, front-ends support variadic argument constructs on X86-64 by lowering them manually.
  • Windows x64 (aka Win64) code generator has a few issues.
  • On mingw-w64, you will see unresolved symbol __chkstk due to Bug 8919. It is fixed in r128206.
  • Miss-aligned MOVDQA might crash your program. It is due to Bug 9483, lack of handling aligned internal globals.
    These states should be update. Most of them are fixed under release 3.0

Thanks, I’ve already got the first one, will fix the windows one, and link to PR1740 which tracks the va_arg issue (still broken).