LLVM 3.0 release notes

The first draft of the LLVM 3.0 release notes now done, in llvm/docs/ReleaseNotes.html (the web page isn't autoupdating at the moment). Please take a look and make corrections or enhancements as you see fit.

There are still a few things that I need from specific people (marked with XXX's):
- BillW is writing a blog about exception handling.
- The llvm.expect intrinsic isn't documented in langref.
- Benjamin needs to write something about llvm-objdump and the dwarf parsing
- Michael is going to write something about object file parsing and llvm-size.
- Rafael/Sanjoy, please write a short blurb about segmented stacks linking to the 'docs' page.
- Jakob, you made the domain fixing pass target independent, it seems worth saying something about it, can you add a blurb?

Of course improvements and suggestions from anyone else are also more than welcome!

Once LLVM 3.0 is out the door, I plan to change how release notes are produced.


Documentation patch attached.

0001-Documentation-for-segmented-stacks.patch (2.97 KB)

Looks good to me, please commit!


Internal API changes mentioned the Type system changes twice… merging. It should now read:

The biggest and most pervasive change is that the type system has been rewritten: PATypeHolder and OpaqueType are gone, and all APIs deal with Type* instead of const Type*. If you need to create recursive structures, then create a named structure, and use setBody() when all its elements are built. Type merging and refining is gone too: named structures are not merged with other structures, even if their layout is identical. (of course anonymous structures are still uniqued by layout).

Ok to commit?


patch.txt (2.12 KB)

Looks good to me, please commit!