llvm 3.0 svn and cfi_* directives


Compiling a simple function with the 3.0 SVN branch
llc produces .s output containing cfi_startproc, cfi_endproc,
cfi_def_cfa_offset that gcc refuses to compile
(OS X 10.7 on X86-64) with the following error:

test.s:6:Unknown pseudo-op: .cfi_startproc
test.s:10:Unknown pseudo-op: .cfi_def_cfa_offset
test.s:10:Rest of line ignored. 1st junk character valued 51 (3).
test.s:38:Unknown pseudo-op: .cfi_endproc

The version of gas is 1.38.

Any ideas?


These directives are not supported by the assembler you are using. You can use llc command line option -disable-cfi to disable these directives.

Hi Nicolas,

Either assemble the file using clang instead of gcc (clang uses the integrated assembler) or pass -disable-cfi to llc.