LLVM 3.1 Release!

Hello LLVM People,

Welcome to LLVM 3.1! Get it here:

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This release represents approximately 6 months of development over
LLVM 3.0, delivers a vast range of improvements and new features.
Some of the most visible features include greatly expanded C++'11
support in Clang (including lambdas, initializer lists, constexpr,
user-defined literals, and atomics); AddressSanitizer, a fast memory
error detection tool which uses instrumentation to find bugs;
"instruction bundles" support in the late code generator, allowing
much better support for VLIW targets; an ARM integrated assembler
which speeds up ARM compile time and enables new features for the ARM
target; major enhancements to the MIPS backend (including support for
MIPS64); a new port for the Qualcomm Hexagon VLIW processor, Python
bindings, and much much more.

In addition to major features like these, this release includes the
usual broad range of performance enhancements, bug fixes and other
enhancements. This release is also the first release qualified by
the release team to target ARM processors. For more details, please
see the full release notes linked above.

This release would not be possible without our volunteer release team!
Thanks to our release manager Bill Wendling, as well as Duncan Sands,
Anton Korobeynikov, Wei-Ren Chen, Aleksander Balicki, Pawel Worach,
Nikola Smiljanic, Ehsan Akhgari, and Mandaris Moore for their work
to qualify and shepherd the release.

If you have questions or comments about this release, please contact
the LLVMdev mailing list! Onward to LLVM 3.2!


LLVM 3.0 Release Announcement: