LLVM 3.4.1 Release!

LLVM 3.4.1 is now available! Download it now, or read the release notes.

This release contains bug-fixes for the LLVM 3.4 release and is both
API and ABI compatible with 3.4.

A few changes of note are:

- varargs fix for X86.
- Geometry shader support for R600.
- A few c++11 fixes.
- Various other fixes to the AArch64, ARM, PowerPC, R600, and X86 targets.

LLVM 3.4.1 would not be possible without the help of our volunteer release
team! Thanks to all the release testers: Renato Golin, Sebastian Dre├čler,
Ben Pope, Arnaud Allard de Grandmaison, Erik Verbruggen, Hal Finkel,
Nikola Smiljanic, Hans Wennborg, Sylvestre Ledru, and David Fang.

Also, a big thanks to everyone else who helped identify critical bugs,
track down bug-fixes, and resolve merge conflicts.

If you have questions or comments about this release, please contact the
LLVMdev mailing list!


LLVM 3.4 Release Announcement: