LLVM 3.4rc1 Sources and Binaries Now Available

Are you thinking, “Gee, I wish I could help out with the LLVM 3.4 release, but I just don’t know where to start”? Well, ponder no more! You can grab both binaries and source code from this website:


Compile the sources yourself or use the binaries. Build your code and test to your heart’s content! :slight_smile: Please file bugs if you hit any problems.

Share and enjoy!

Getting the source/binaries is easy. Getting the release notes seems hard. Anyone have a working link for 3.4 release notes? All of the 3.4 links don’t work. 3.3 links work and the main release notes pages have switched over to 3.5. Is there a working link anywhere or is this intended?

Jon Shier

The release notes are in the 3.4 branch:


similar for llvm. Please update them with current information! :slight_smile: