LLVM 3.5.1 final build

Hi Tom,

I’ve uploaded the final builds of LLVM 3.5.1 for Mips. I’ll re-run the tests to be on the safe side but the final tag was created from the rc2 tag so I doubt I’ll find any new problems.

When you update the release page, could you label them as follows:

clang+llvm-3.5.1-mips-linux-gnu.tar.xz – Clang for MIPS32r2 and MIPS64r2 (Big Endian)

clang+llvm-3.5.1-mipsel-linux-gnu.tar.xz – Clang for MIPS32r2 and MIPS64r2 (Little Endian)

I’m thinking that this will make it clear that they are not expected to run on, for example, a MIPS-II processor.


Daniel Sanders

Leading Software Design Engineer, MIPS Processor IP

Imagination Technologies Limited