LLVM 3.6 Release

It is my pleasure to announce that LLVM 3.6 is now available!

Get it here: http://llvm.org/releases/

This release contains the work of the LLVM community over the past six
months: many many bug fixes, optimization improvements, support for
more proposed C++1z features in Clang, better native Windows
compatibility, embedding LLVM IR in native object files, Go bindings,
and more. For details, see the release notes:

Many thanks to everyone who helped with testing, fixing, and getting
the release into a good state!

Special thanks to the volunteer release builders and testers, without
whom this release would not be possible: Dimitry Andric, Sebastian
Dreßler, Renato Golin, Sylvestre Ledru, Ben Pope, Daniel Sanders, and
Nikola Smiljanić!

If you have any questions or comments about this release, please
contact the community on the mailing lists. Onwards to 3.7!

- Hans

LLVM 3.5 Release Announcement:

Hi Wennborg,

   There is no x86_64 fedora binary tarball and x86_64 opensuse binary
   tarball at http://llvm.org/releases/3.6.0/ (while their i686 variants
   are available), or I am missing anything?


Hi Hans,

I want to verify the packages, where can the appropriate public key be found?
Also it would be good to put this info on the releases page.

Best regards,

Hi Martin,

The key is available on the keys.gnupg.net key server. I'm also
attaching it to this email for convenience.

Would posting it on the release page really help? The user would still
need to trust the page to trust the key.


hans.pub (3.03 KB)

Hi Hans,

thanks. I meant to just post a pointer how to get the key, and perhaps posting the fingerprint.
(in fact I looked at the MIT key server with the fingerprint shown by gpg, but I forgot to prefix it with 0x)

Thanks and Best regards,

Hi Martin,

I've added it to the release download page now.