llvm-3.9 Intrinsic::masked_gather in Intrinsic.td

I have a pass based on llvm-3.9 and I want to modify it so that it can work on llvm-3.4.There is an error when I modify it.It is as follows:
error:no member named ‘masked_gather’ in namespace ‘llvm::Intrinsic’
Value *gatherDecl = Intrinsic::getDeclaration(M, Intrinsic::masked_gather,

The ‘masked_gather’ is defined in Intrinsic.td in llvm-3.9/include/llvm/IR. But there is no definition of ‘masked_gather’ in Intrinsic.td in llvm-3.4/include/llvm/IR. So I want to know if there are some other methods or variables on llvm-3.4 can implement the same function.Thank you very much! Look forward to your reply!