llvm and clang: trying to "cmake" a "Visual Studio 10"


I’d say that CMake is unable to detect you Visual Studio, and I’m not sure
what mechanism they use to do that. But you could try running your command
from the Visual Studio Tools Command Prompt.


O.K., I just tried that. … Exact same errors.

Hmm, I only have Visual Studio 2010 Express. Usually that does not make difference!?

A couple weeks agon, I compiled BLAS and LAPACK from netlib with just the MinGW32 tools and Cmake and that worked fine.

Does anyone have any idea whether or not I can compile Clang with MinGW32 tools and Cmake?
Anyone tried it?

OK that is strange. And what happens if you call cl from your command prompt?

I also noticed that you’re using the same directory for source and build, this shouldn’t make a difference but we generally build out of tree so the command should look like:

M:\BuildDirectory> “F:\Program Files\CMake 2.8\bin\cmake” -G “Visual Studio 10” …/CheckoutLLVM