LLVM and java

Hello all

I have seen in the sources[1] that there is some work on supporting Java with LLVM.
On the documentation though it doesn’t mention anything about it.
Is it possible to compile Java code with LLVM, even if no CLASSPATH is involved (or, in other words, if Android and/or OpneJDK CLASSPATH is used) ?

[1] https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/java/trunk/docs/java-frontend.txt

Well, last commit on that project was 9 years ago, so I wouldn’t trust what the readme says. :slight_smile:

Java in LLVM is as good as dead.


vmkit (which I believe that document refers to) is definitely dead. You can take a look at Openjdk Shark, but that’s currently the only fully open source bytecode frontend I know of.