LLVM and Pthreads

Hi Johannes,

Excuse me for the late answer. Regarding the question if the pthread call inserted in the LLVM IR works, I implemented a new function pass and I would like to test the insertion of pthread call all in one, when testing the entire implementation. It is easier for me to do like that.

What are the next steps after a pass implementation in llvm before commit? Is there a review process involved also? I haven’t tested the implementation (the tests are not straight forward), so I would like to know if, in llvm, the validation is after or before the review? Or maybe both before and after? I am not expecting many changes after the testing.

Looking forward for your answer.

Hi Iulia,

The declaration Rob has shared was never part of mainline LLVM (afaik).
The implementation Rob provided should however still work.
Have you tried it?

There is no need to add/change anything in the machine representation.