llvm and python bindings under windows

Hello everyone
I am Germano, from Italy.
Sorry to intruding, but I don't know who to ask anymore.
I developed a small programming language, entirely written in Python.
I state that I work under Windows, I'm using anaconda and Python 3.6.
I wrote the lexical generator and the parser generator.
Now I have to write a code generator and thought about using LLVM.
It seems that the Uncio way to work with LLVM in Python is llvmlite, necessary to generate the code.
Then I have to use LLC. exe and clang. EXE to compile the generated code into an executable.
Since I would like to distribute this language, I want to know:
I must include all the installation of LLVM, or can I use its libraries to generate the code and compile it in some way?
Is there any other binding for Python that I can use?

Thank you for your attention,
Kind regards.

You don’t have to use LLC and Clang as standalone tools. There are APIs for them. You can write Python Bindings around the native LLVM libraries to call them


To me it looked like llvmlite didn't have bindings for ahead-of-time
compilation. It ought to be fairly easy to add them, but right now it
might not exactly match Germano's use.


I’m aware of that. However since Germano wants a installation where he doesn’t need to have the full LLVM suite installed, i figured crafting his own AOT binding and statically linking everything is the way to go IMHO