Llvm and python bindings under windows

Hello everyone
I am Germano, from Italy.
Sorry to intruding, but I don't know who to ask anymore.
I developed a small programming language, entirely written in Python.
I state that I work under Windows, I'm using anaconda and Python 3.6.
I wrote the lexical generator and the parser generator.
Now I have to write a code generator and thought about using LLVM.
It seems that the Uncio way to work with LLVM in Python is llvmlite, necessary to generate the code.
Then I have to use LLC. exe and clang. EXE to compile the generated code into an executable.
Since I would like to distribute this language, I want to know:
I must include all the installation of LLVM, or can I use its libraries to generate the code and compile it?
Is there any other binding for Python that I can use?
If I wrote to the wrong list, can you point me in an other direction?
Thank you for your attention,
Kind regards.