llvm-as-3.3 needed

Hey :slight_smile:

As part of βš™ D87304 [AttributeFuncs] Consider `align` in `typeIncompatible` I realized that we have tests
in which `align` is used on non-pointer values. While I did fix that (as
it is not allowed according to the lang ref and pretty much
meaningless), there is one test that requires llvm-as-3.3 to be updated.

I need to create `llvm/test/Bitcode/attributes-3.3.bc` from the patched
`llvm/test/Bitcode/attributes-3.3.ll` but I don't know a good way to do
that. If anyone has a llvm-as-3.3 lying around, it would be much
appreciated if you could provide me with an updated bc file.


(just to avoid redundant work) We sorted that out on IRC. It’s surprising how well a relatively old version of LLVM still compiles on a recent environment :slight_smile: