LLVM based tainted flow analysis

Dear LLVMers,

    we have put on-line a tainted flow analysis tool based on LLVM. In
other words, we find, in the program's dependence graph, if there is a
path between a source of information and a consumer. The analysis is
interprocedural. So far, we have used our tool, FlowTracker, to find
address leaks in LLVM bytecodes. Now, we are using it to uncover
time-based side channels in the implementation of crypto algorithms.
At this point, we are looking for more users, to either points us out
bugs in the tool, or to suggest improvements. Benchmarks are also

    The link to the tool is here: Flow Tracker webpage
The main developer is Bruno Rodrigues <brunors172@gmail.com>. Our page
is based on the old LLVM demo page.