LLVM Bay-area social durring LLVM Dev Meeting

I see that LLVM social meeting is planned for upcoming thursday 3.11.
Because it is in the same day as LLVM Dev meeting, would it be more convenient if it would be in San Jose this time?


Historically, we haven’t had the social during the dev meeting because there’s usually a reception :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, George and I are sorting this out.

Thursday will be the event dinner, but I would welcome a night out on
Wednesday or Friday with the LLVM folks.


Sorry for the super late update.

I had hoped to move this to a specific location in San Jose near the dev meeting on Friday, but unsurprisingly I guess, no such places could be found. I’ve updated the meetup page to suggest informally gathering outside the convention center and then we can go and find dinner from there, possibly splitting up into smaller groups for various restaurants.