llvm bay area social -- not this week, next week on May 8th

Hi everyone in the SF bay area! This is your monthly reminder to pay rent, if you’re the sort of person who pays rent. I hope last month’s lack of a social didn’t cause any evictions. “AutoPay” your bank calls it.

The social is not this week. The social is next week. Yes, the first Thursday of the month is this week, and yes I was aware of that since at least last week. Please RSVP at http://llvmbayarea.appspot.com/ even if you think you already did. The ten of you who RSVP’d before this email should know that I’ve wiped the RSVPs because the date has changed.

Long story short, above 25 people Tied House wants us to buy their “banquet package” which a) we don’t really want b) requires more advance notice. My fallback places are either also booked, refusing to accept reservations due to the warrior’s game tomorrow, closed permanently or are playing phone tag with their event manager. Sorry!

Hope that doesn’t throw off anyone’s plans, and I hope to see everyone there next Thursday!


FYI, if anyone wants to informally get together on *this* thursday, the
first, because they've already made plans, shoot me an email off list.

Just a reminder, this is happening *this evening* starting at 7pm.