LLVM Build Problems on Windows with MSVC 8


I’m interested in building LLVM for use on a project built with MSVC8. I have been trying (as yet unsuccessfully) to get the Finbonacci JIT example to build with 2.0 and SVN head.

Firstly, the instructions at http://llvm.org/docs/GettingStartedVS.html are no longer correct. The getting the souce code section regarding anonymous SVN is wrong in step 3. The readme file in the top level directory explains how to get the code. (Incidentally, this probably requires a cygwin install to run the shell script!)

Secondly, the source code for LLVM is missing various headers needed to build (e.g MSVC 8 complains the files cannot be found). These include DataTypes.h and iterator.h, which are not present in the source tree. There are .in files (autoconf? input) which should I suppose be used to generate the required headers. They cannot be simply renamed anyway since they are not valid headers without being processed in some manner.

Is building the relevent subset of LLVM that should work on Win32 out of the box with MSVC8 a requirement for 2.1? Are there any steps to take prior to using the VC solution file on a source copy of LLVM?

George Russell