llvm building issue

dear all,
i'am working on developing new llvm compiler backend for dlx
processor. I finished writing the code and i'm trying to build it.
After some errors that i fixed them, i have a one that i can't find a
solution for it. I wish you help me to fix it and i will be grateful.
Indeed, the compilation stop at level "[ 76%] Building
DlxGenAsmMatcher.inc..." with no trace .. you find bellow a capture of
the execution.


generally, please don't send screenshots: Copy&paste of your terminal output is much easier and better to search for in the future...
Without the source code, I think nobody will be able to help. You might be trying $ make VERBOSE=1 to see what's actually happening underneath. Maybe one command is returning a non-zero exit status?


It’s could be the ill-formed td file causing llvm-tablegen stuck there. You might have to double-check your td file.