LLVM-C tutorial

As I have stated before, I am creating a LLVM-C tutorial.
Now I expect it to be in a final draft form within 2~3 weeks, but how do I have to deliver it to the community?

- File format ?
- Style ?
- ...

Thank you,


Most of the documents (html) are generated using rst2html. So I think a patch to the rst file in llvm/tools/llvmc/doc should be fine.


I am going to post my first chapter, just to see if it is acceptable.
Any feedback is good feedback for me.

LLVM-C.pdf (84.4 KB)

I am aware that it contains a few (a lot of) mistakes, it is only a draft. But it would be nice to have comments on it or discard reactions from people before I commit more time to this.


I think it’d be nice to have a ToC describing what you plan to cover in the “hello world” tutorial. I’ll take a look at the tutorial in the week end and send feed back.


That was all I needed to hear :slight_smile:
Because I am already at “chapter 3”, which is regular expressions in C, but then made so that each regex becomes a real and true function.
And doubt suddenly struck. What if my style isn’t exactly what the LLVM community wants…

Added the TOC

LLVM-C.pdf (420 KB)