LLVM Cambridge UK Social - September

The next one is on 2022-09-05T23:00:00Z, 6:30pm at the Graphcore building, near the train station.

There will be a presentation: “SPIR-V support in Clang/LLVM”, by @AnastasiaStulova, and then we’ll head to a nearby pub, probably the Sal again, around 7pm.

I’ve added the event to the LLVM calendar, so if you follow it, you already have it. See here how to use it.

This is a public event, open to everyone.

If you want to present at, or want to host a following iteration, please add a comment here. Ideally, this should be rotating places and people organising, to allow the community to guide it.

Thank you @javedabsar for hosting this one!


Unfortunately, this clashes with the CheriTech event at Kings College London, so anyone attending that will likely be at a pub at the opposite end of the train line.

Dang! It wasn’t easy to get a time for this one, tbh. :frowning:

Just a reminder, this is today. See you there!

Arm is interested in hosting a future meetup, how can we get in touch with you to work out the details? Is your commits email ok?

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Yes please!

Another piece of feedback for future cambridge meetups is that it would be good if we could avoid Tuesdays if we’re going to end up at the Sailsbury Arms, because Tuesday is pub quiz night and this makes it much harder to hold a conversation.

You’re right, it was annoying.

But Tuesday was the day chosen by a poll here, and I have already received feedback to avoid the Sal altogether, so I think we’ll just go to another pub entirely. There are plenty of choices around.

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