LLVM Cambridge UK Social

After many years of pandemic, we’re restarting the LLVM Social in Cambridge, UK.

Following a recent poll, we’ll repeat the presentation+pub format on Tuesdays, hopefully once every one of two months.

The next one is on 2022-07-11T23:00:00Z, 6:30pm at the Microsoft Research building, near the train station.

There will be a presentation: “WebAssembly in LLVM”, by @asb, and then we’ll head to a nearby pub, to be defined.

I’ve added the event to the LLVM calendar, so if you follow it, you already have it. See here how to use it.

This is a public event, open to everyone.

If you want to present at, or want to host a following iteration, please add a comment here. Ideally, this should be rotating places and people organising, to allow the community to guide it.


Great to see its revival! Perhaps we (Graphcore) can host the next one.

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Hello Renato,

Just to ping the thread to remind people this is Today. Do we need to register ahead of time, or should we congregate in reception at 6:30pm.


Congregate at reception should be fine.

The meeting room we’re using is before the card access, so you don’t need anyone from the company to accompany you. The revolving doors were broken last week, so you may need security to open the other door for you, but once you’re is inside, you can open the door for other people.

The presentation should take about 20 min. I have reserved the nearby pub Salisbury’s Arms for 10 people from 7:15 pm onward, so we’ll have time for some questions and walking down to the pub (one block away).

Both the address of the office and the pub are on calendar events in the LLVM calendar, and both are very near the train station, so should be easy to find.

Thank you!

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