LLVM / Clang 3.0 rc1 Binaries Available

Hello developers!

We have binaries available for download and testing! Please visit:


download the appropriate binaries for your system (they have obvious names), and start compiling things with it. Things to look for:

• Compile failures that compiled in 2.9
• Execution failures that executed in 2.9
• Incorrect results that were correct in 2.9
• Massive compile time or execution slowdowns when compared to LLVM 2.9

For all problems you find, please create a PR for it (http://llvm.org/bugs/).

Many thanks go to our team of testers for their hard work!


P.S. The 3.0 rc1 sources have been moved here:


P.P.S. You'll notice that this is the "Release+Asserts" builds of rc1. I intentionally asked the testers for this one because it is most likely to ferret out bugs.