LLVM+Clang as a shared library


I have downloaded version 3.0 of LLVM and Clang and built them as shared
libraries (on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) using the following steps:

  cd <WHERE-llvm-3.0.tar.gz-IS>
  tar xvzf llvm-3.0.tar.gz
  cd llvm-3.0.src/tools
  tar xvzf ../../clang-3.0.tar.gz
  mv clang-3.0.src clang
  cd ../..
  mkdir build
  cd build
  ../llvm-3.0.src/configure --disable-docs --enable-shared

Everything is fine when I test LLVM on its own within my Qt-based
application. However, as soon as I try to test Clang (using the Clang
interpreter example;
http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/trunk/examples/clang-interpreter/), I
get linking errors. For example, undefined references to
clang::DiagnosticOptions const&, bool),
ngine(llvm::IntrusiveRefCntPtr<clang::DiagnosticIDs> const&,
clang::DiagnosticConsumer*, bool), etc.

What I don't understand is that both LLVM and Clang are built together, yet
only LLVM works for me. Otherwise, yes, I have made sure that my Qt-based
application is built with Clang in mind. In fact, I have done exactly the
same as I have done with LLVM, hence I am really puzzled as what might be
wrong in my setup. However, one thing that I noticed is that, on Windows (at
least), the DLL I have got only contains 159 entries while LLVM contains
13,320. Surely, Clang should contain more than just 159 entries...?!

Anyway, any help I could get regarding the above would be most welcome...

Cheers, Alan.