LLVM/Clang Job Opportunity at Apple

Dear LLVMers and Clangers (did I say that right?),

I received the following email from Daniel Stephenson at Apple and thought it would be of interest to those in the LLVM and Clang communities.

Inquiries should be directed to Mr. Stephenson (dstephenson@apple.com).

-- John T.

Cupertino, CA
Software Engineer, Front-end Compiler Development

Apple is building a new front-end for C, Objective-C, and C++ as part of the Open Source "Clang" and LLVM projects (see http://clang.llvm.org/>\). This front-end is designed to be a best-of-class implementation focusing on fast compilation, excellent diagnostics and user usability features, and is aimed to be used by a broad range of IDE features in addition to normal compilation. C and Objective-C are already well supported in this front-end, and C++ support is in early development stages.

We are looking to hire an architect for the C++ front-end support, who will be in charge of overall design, incrementally implementing C++ language features, as well as a broad range of other responsibilities. To fulfill this role, the candidate should be able to reason about the C++ Specification (be a "language lawyer"), develop test-cases to experiment with existing C++ compilers, understand software engineering principles, and have a taste for clean design.

This role is a very visible position which is set to have an extremely high impact, both on new open source C++ compilers as well as on Apple's future tools strategy.

Cupertino, CA
Software Engineer, Back-End Compiler Development

   The Apple compiler team is seeking engineers who are strongly motivated to build high-quality and high performance compilers. We are focused on improving the user experience by reducing compile time as well as maximizing the execution speed of the code generated for the Apple systems. As key members of the Apple Compiler Team, apply your strong state-of-the-art background and experience toward the development of fast highly optimized compiler products that extract top performance from the Apple systems.

Join a small team of highly motivated senior engineers who build first-class open-source compiler tools and apply them in new and innovative ways.

Required Experience:
* Ideal candidate will have experience with the LLVM and/or GCC.
* Strong background in compiler architecture, optimization, code generation and overall design of compilers.
* Familiarity with analyzing generated code for optimization/code generation opportunities.
* Strong communication and teamwork skills.

* Knowledge and experience with developing compilers for embedded devices is a plus.