LLVM/.Clang: 'make install'


I just compiled llvm/clang from source on my fedora linux system as
specified on the website, but running 'make' and 'make install' does
not seem to result in a 'functioning' installation ?

I mean, neither 'clang' or 'scan-build' seem to be found ?

Are there any other actions I need to perform on my linux system in
order to complete the installation ? Or am I just doing something
wrong here ?

Thanks in advance,


John Smith.


make install works for me on Ubuntu.
Does the output of make install show that it was successful?
Was it setup to be installed in a PATH location of Fedora?



Sorry, but I cant seem to repeat the issue anymore. 'make install'
works fine now. I have no idea what went wrong the first time.

Thanks for the effort, and sorry to have bothered you with this.

Hi John,

Note that scan-build should not be included in a 'make install'. It's not considered part of the compiler itself.