LLVM Code Generator Engineer job opening with Apple's compiler team

Hi all,

LLVM backend team at Apple is looking for exceptional compiler engineers. This is a great opportunity to work with many of the leaders in the LLVM community.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume / CV and relevant information to evan.cheng@apple.com



The Apple compiler team is seeking an engineer who is strongly motivated to build high quality and high performance compilers. We are focused on improving the user experience by reducing compile time as well as maximizing the execution speed of the code generated for the Apple systems. As a key member of the Apple Compiler Team, you will apply your strong state-of-the-art background and experience toward the development of fast highly optimized compiler products that extract top performance from the Apple systems.

You will join a small team of highly motivated engineers who build first-class open-source compiler tools and apply them in innovative ways.

Required Experience:

* Ideal candidate will have experience with the LLVM, GCC, or other open source / commercial compilers.
* Strong background in compiler architecture, optimization, code generation and overall design of compilers.
* Experience with developing optimizing compilers for modern architectures.
* Familiarity with analyzing generated code for optimization/code generation opportunities.
* Strong track record of building high performance, production quality software on schedule.
* Strong communication and teamwork skills.

Additional Requirements:
* Experience with developing compilers and tools for embedded devices
* Experience with developing compilers for novel micro-architectures and instruction sets
* Background in runtime compilation technologies for graphics such as OpenGL, OpenCL, and Direct3D
* Knowledge and experience with compiler vectorization technologies