[llvm-commits] [llvm] r74610 - /llvm/trunk/test/FrontendC++/2009-06-30-ByrefBlock.cpp

This should probably have these lines:

// XFAIL: *
// XTARGET: darwin


This doesn't work with my llvm-g++ on Linux:;

My apologies.

$ llvm-g++ test/FrontendC++/2009-06-30-ByrefBlock.cpp
test/FrontendC++/2009-06-30-ByrefBlock.cpp: In function 'void fubar()':
test/FrontendC++/2009-06-30-ByrefBlock.cpp:6: error: '__block' was not
declared in this scope
test/FrontendC++/2009-06-30-ByrefBlock.cpp:6: error: expected `;' before
test/FrontendC++/2009-06-30-ByrefBlock.cpp: In function 'void
test/FrontendC++/2009-06-30-ByrefBlock.cpp:7: error: 'voodoo' was not
declared in this scope

Should it be marked Apple-only? Or should we fix the Linux llvm-g++
build to turn blocks on?

I think this should be marked Apple-only, until everybody else decides to support Apple's "blocks" concept. :slight_smile:

Thank you to BIll; I've applied your patch.