[llvm-commits] [PATCH] Fix for llvm::FindExecutable (fails to find executable if path is provided)

Hey Daniel,

Thank you for your help. I appreciate this.

Your last tweak looks reasonable.
However, there are 2 things with that:

1. It has changed the behaviour of the FindExecutable method.
Before this change, it searched the directory the executable has been
started from, then directories from PATH.
Now it checks the current working directory first (makeAbsolute does this
for just a file name) and then does what it did before. I'm not saying this
is bad, just different. Both works fine for the bugpoint.

2. makeAbsolute doesn't really work for the Windows if full path is
provided. :slight_smile:
It checked the first character and if it is not "/" it treats the string as
a file name and requests a root directory (which is also broken and always
returns "c:/").

So, the original problem remains open. But this makes me fix the

- Viktor