[llvm-commits] The Clang search path problem in Windows

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Clang-related topics would be preferred in cfe-dev, thank you.
(and cfe-commits would be if you had any patches to clang)

I'm very like your software, I have to admit that the LLVM has very good technology, but I regret to say that, I do not use LLVM/Clang, my computer system is Windows 7, in my system has various C/C++ compiler to run, including VC++, OpenWATCOM, Borland C++ Compiler 5.5, and GCC 4.7, the search paths are resolved, and helped me to compile the source code, however, I try to use every method to configure LLVM/Clang, can not compile contains STL C++ program. I think, in order to facilitate the developers, it is necessary to change LLVM/Clang settings, for example, provides configuration based on XML configuration file is located in the BIN directory, provide some reasonable rules of grammar. Allow the programmer to understand. I sincerely hope that you can LLVM/Clang do better!

I suppose that clang (targetting msvc) should be aware of %INCLUDE%.
It is set in "Visual Studio Command Prompt", (aka vcvarsall.bat).

That said, we need to work more for clang to live with MS headers and libraries.
See also,

Bug 13707 - [meta] VCPP compatibility issues
Bug 12477 - [meta] Support Microsoft C++ ABI

Clang's driver configuration is interesting but harder issue, though.