LLVM Compiler Developer Postion (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Hi folks,

Azul is expanding its compiler team in Saint Petersburg and we are looking for experienced LLVM engineers in that area. If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you. The details are below.

Bean Anderson
Sr. Dir. Engineering
Azul Systems, Inc.

Java and other emerging languages such as Ruby and Scala present unique optimization challenges. As part of the Azul Compiler team, you will be designing and developing a new high-performance commercial-quality JIT compiler based upon LLVM that will tackle these new optimization challenges. The project will expand LLVM’s reach into a new area (Java Virtual Machines) as well as to push Java’s performance to levels never before reached by any other JIT compiler.

This is an opportunity to grow your skills and advance your career goals while working with a top-notch team.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Strong C/C++ design and coding skills
  • 2+ years experience developing LLVM-based compilers
  • Strong background in Compiler Theory and Development.
  • An independent and innovative thinker who communicates well and delivers.
  • Good communication skills in english.

Preferred Experience:

  • PhD in Computer Science, and/or significant research experience
  • Solid experience in developing JVMs (Java Virtual Machines) and JIT compilers.
  • Thorough knowledge of X86_64 instruction set and optimizations.


  • Saint Petersburg, Russia

About Azul:
Most of the world’s websites run on Java; and many of the world’s top online enterprises and financial institutions run on ‘Zing’, Azul’s award winning Java Virtual Machine. Zing can easily handle 100’s of cores and 2 TB of memory, it can maintain high transaction rates and low-latency responses (~1 ms), and can elastically grow application heap usage. Indeed, Zing’s C4 collector eliminates “stop-the-world” garbage collection pauses that limit the scalability of all other conventional JVMs.

Please submit your resume to: bean@azulsystems.com
Job description: http://www.azulsystems.com/about_us/careers/llvm-compiler-engineer