LLVM Compiler Social Zurich - November 9, 2017 - RISC-V @ETH Tech talk

Dear all,

we will be organizing a "Zurich Compiler and Code Generation Social"
this Thursday and invite you to attend.

Tech Talk: The RISC-V effort and the PULP project at ETH Zurich

In this talk, we will present our research interests and activities
surrounding PULP (parallel ultra-low-power) platform and its main
building block: a family of RISC-V implementations tuned through various
extensions for parallelism and energy efficiency. By using custom
instruction set extensions and scratchpad memories supported by DMA
transfers instead of low-level caches, we aim at giving the compiler and
programmer more explicit control over the hardware. Our interests range
from the application of this hardware to tiny embedded systems for IoT
applications on one side all the way to energy-efficient computing for
the HPC on the other extreme. We will describe our efforts that deal
with approximate and transprecision computing; and in HPC scenarios,
where we use PULP based clusters as an accelerator to a conventional
processing platform, how to ease offloading of algorithms to PULP

# Registration


# What

A social meetup to discuss compilation and code generation questions
with a focus on LLVM, clang, Polly and related projects.

Our primary focus is to provide a venue (and drinks & snacks) that
enables free discussions between interested people without imposing
an agenda/program. This is a great opportunity to informally discuss
your own projects, get project ideas or just learn about what people at
ETH and around Zurich are doing with LLVM.

Related technical presentations held by participants are welcome (please
contact us).

# Who: - Anybody interested -

  - ETH students and staff
  - LLVM developers and enthusiasts external to ETH

# When: 9.11.2016, 19:00

# Where: CAB E 72

# What is LLVM ?

LLVM (http://www.llvm.org) is an open source project that provides
a collection of modular compiler and toolchain technologies. It is
centered around a modern SSA-based compiler around which an entire
ecosystem of compiler technology was developed. Most well know is
the clang C++ compiler, which is e.g. used to deploy iOS. Beyond this
a diverse set of projects is developed under the umbrella of LLVM.
These include code generators and assemblers for various interesting
architectures, a jit compiler, a debugger, run-time libraries (C++
Standard Library, OpenMP, Opencl library), program sanity checkers,
and many more.

LLVM has itself grown out of a research project more than 10 years ago
and is the base of many exciting research projects today: