LLVM Compiler Team growth

Hello all- First time poster, please reply to me directly only if interested in more info or talking about this.

MapD: We are building an open source interactive analytics and visualization platform that can literally query and render billions of records in milliseconds. We are looking to add to our LLVM Compiler Team (position description hyperlinked). This hire will work on the compilation engine that converts SQL and user defined functions into LLVM IR that can run on both GPU and CPU. Here is a bit more of what that entails.

Who is MapD? 50+ people developing an Open Sourced next-generation analytics platform that leverages the massive parallelism of GPUs, making it over 100x faster than the fastest CPU systems.

We raised a $25MM Series B led by NEA in March. Other investors include GV, Nvidia, Verizon, and In-Q-Tel. We are headquartered in San Francisco with a beautiful view of the bay but are also adding a South Bay office. We have marquee customers across the adtech, gaming, federal, telecom, oil and gas, automotive, and other spaces.

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Dirk Zondag, Jr.

In-House Recruiter: MapD



As you probably saw, we recently open sourced our software, which generated quite a bit of buzz