llvm-config Question


in order to get ready for the upcoming LLVM 3.1 release, I checked out the 3.1 Release branch. However, unlike with LLVM 3.0, llvm-config --libfiles now also reports files that belong to targets that I did not build (and that are thus not available). Is this expected?


I can confirm this. I always build LLVM with configure --enable-targets=host-only. With LLVM 3.0, llvm-config --libfiles only reports the /usr/local/lib/libLLVMX86CodeGen.a backend, as expected, whereas with LLVM 3.1rc3 I also get /usr/local/lib/libLLVMMipsCodeGen.a, /usr/local/lib/libLLVMXCoreCodeGen.a, /usr/local/lib/libLLVMMSP430CodeGen.a and a bunch of other backends which aren't installed.

This seems to be http://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=11886 , which is unresolved as of now.