llvm-config Regression fix (Bug 11886)

Currently, there’s a regression in llvm-config in both the 3.1 Release branch and trunk (http://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=11886). The attached patch fixes that. It would be great if this could be reviewed and still integrated into 3.1.


11886.diff (1.06 KB)

Whoops. Small typo in the comment. Updated diff is attached.

11886.diff (1.06 KB)

I'm giving this a bump as that PR is still listed as open and
unassigned. Keno, I think that you should post your suggested fix there.

Who wrote the new llvm-config? Could the author please have a look at
this PR?

Ok, I attached it to the bug. For reference, here’s what I’m using on unix as a workaround as long as this is not fixed:
llvm-config --libfiles | xargs -n 1 -I {} sh -c ‘test -f {} && echo {}’

I put in two slightly different fixes that I believe should cover the problem:

Let me know if your experience disagrees. I'll try and get these into
3.1 if Bill lets me after the buildbots give a check mark.

- Daniel

Consider me a buildbot for OS X and let me tell you it works great :). Thank you so very much.